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The ultimate eye protection for racquet sport.

Comprises of:
o Visor
o Coloured Headband
o Sweat Band
o Elastic Strap
o Carry bag

Now with a full 2 year guarantee !

i-MASK comes with one, long lasting, sweat band. If you play more than once every couple of days you will quickly find that a spare would be very useful. Why not order extras now at a discount to save in the future? A pack contains 2 Sweaty's and so will last you a considerable amount of time.

The standard i-MASK is packaged with an Adult Visor. We offer, below, an option for that to be swapped with a Junior Visor, for a small fee. We typically find that the cross-over point between needing a Junior and Adult Visor is around 10 years old, dependent on head size.

Price:   £48.46 Including VAT at 20%

Headband Colour

Visor size

Spare Sweaty pack of two
No, not now Yes please (+11.70) (Save 1.50)