i-MASK (UK) - i-MASK is the ultimate eye protection for Squash and other racquet sports
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Introducing to the United Kingdom the world famous
i-MASK visor system from Australia

Ultimate eye protection for racket sport.

Wear the same kit as the Pros use and protect yourself while playing Squash.

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July 2014 - i-MASK worn by many National Squash Teams at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, including:
England (Nick Matthew, Adrian Grant and Peter Barker)
Wales (Peter Creed and David Evans)
New Zealand

Why i-MASK?

The i-MASK visor is a unique eye protection system designed to protect the face and eyes from injury while playing racket sports, offering the following special benefits:

o No fogging or hazing
o Protection while wearing glasses
o Full peripheral vision
o Lightweight
o All parts fully replaceable
o Junior parts available
o 24 month guarantee

i-MASK is appoved for use throughout the world

Click here for the World Squash Federation's approved Protective Eyewear list
i-MASK is approved throughout the world
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